Monday, February 2, 2009


Today when we were doing an almost (because of the events we will soon tell you) 5 gallon water change we accidentally sucked up a little trout friend! This does happen quite frequently but it does not usually make a full journey through the syphon to the water bucket before we get it out, well at least not usually alive. When we saw the trout swimming happily around the water bucket we freaked. We could not stick a net through the bucket because there is a bottle neck, we poured out the water into another bucket, where we scooped the trout into the net and into a cup of water. Then we safely brought him (or her) back to the tank. We are sorry there are no pictures of this exciting event but we wanted our baby trout back to his house and within a few minutes that's just where he was!


  1. oh no! glad you could save that smelly ol' trout baby!!! your survivor trout icon might be the cutest thing i've ever seen. the end.

  2. Cool, glad you saved the baby trout.

  3. yey!!! i luv those little trout i dont know what i would do if one died ( from us)