Monday, February 9, 2009

Water Pennies in our Tank!?

Well, we wish we were talking about the ecologically important BMI (that's benthic macro invertabrates). No sir, we are talking about a real................ penny. Abe Lincoln himself.

We thought a penny would be a good size indicator of how much our babies have grown. We held the penny up to the tank glass and tried to snap away. The problem is the fish still look distorted in size because none of them swim directly against the glass. It's difficult to show just how big and fat many of them have become!!!

Mrs. Agner accidentally dropped the penny into the tank when she tried to compare the size from up above. Smooth moves!


  1. Mrs. Agner is obviously a danger to the trout and should not be allowed near tham any longer!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. NO i love Mrs. Agner. she seems to be taking care of the baby trout a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!