Monday, February 9, 2009

Thanks for the Inspiration Lexus!

Here are the winners of the Lexus Eco Challenge:

Congratulations to them all! We truely are all stewards of the natural world.

Our team didn't make it but we are stiil extremely proud of the work we did! The good news is that we will continue to update the blog of course! Our mission in all of this was to spread the word about trout and cold water conservation and that's just what we'll continue to do!!!!!!!
Check back later today to see how big our babies have grown!


  1. Hey Watershed Trout team...
    This is Nancy Hubbell with Lexus. I oversee the Lexus Eco Challenge and I wanted to assure you that you didn't "lose"! We just had so many amazing programs from passionate students like yourselves, it was really tough to choose. The whole idea of the program was to inspire kids to make a difference in the environment and that's what you're doing. So even though you're not an offical winning team, you're all winners in our book! Thanks for participating and please, please keep up your blog and your good work!

  2. I must apologize for Connors emotional post!!!

    We are really proud to have been part of this project and worked hard on this even before we knew about the lexus eco challenge. Just to have been considered in this group of hard working kids makes us feel great about ourselves.

    Thank you!!!!

    -Katherine Mary and the trout team!