Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Skunk Hollow Field Study

Today a group of 6 students, Ms. Ackerman, and a visiting teacher from The Philadelphia School(Mrs. Freedmen) went on a field study at Skunk Hollow. This group is the same group of kids that will be attending the Trout Show tonight. They will present the field study results there and explain the process.

Skunk Hollow is one of the release sites we are considering for our trout so we would like to post the results here. Feel free to post comments on what you think about Skunk Hollow as our trout release site!

Chemical Data:
DO= 12ppm
Saturation= 105%
pH= 7.5
Nitrates= <5ppm
Phosphates= 1ppm

Biotic Index Total= 7 (4 class 1 BMI's, and 1 class 2 BMI)

In conclusion, the riparian zone was good but it was filled with invasive species and had slightly eroded banks. There was minimal pollution and many class 1 macro invertabrates.

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