Thursday, March 19, 2009

What Trout Unlimited said...

As we said in a recent post, the Trout Unlimited people visited the Watershed classroom.

They said that our trout project has been one of the most successful yet! We are flattered that on our first attempt at this activity we got such a delightful comment! We are also proud to say that our survival rates are off the charts and that we have not had to remove a deceased trout buddy in weeks! A graph demonstrating the trout survival rates in several different environments is coming soon. This is a graph we used to estimate the survival rates for a grant a few months ago.

Also, there is a Pennsylvania Assosiation of Enviromental Educators (PAEE) Conference Friday, Saturday, and Sunday that Mr. Savitch, Mrs. Ackerman, and 16 Watershed students will be attending. We are excited to say that we will have our own workshop there, so if you are going to the conference, be sure to see us there! A thorough explanation and pictures will be coming soon!

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