Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Survivor 2 - Raystown Lake

15 students, 4 parent chaperons, 6 brave trout, Ms. Ackerman, and Mr. Savitch headed out to the middle of Pennsylvania on Friday.

We went to the Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators Conference. There we presented the Watershed Philosophy of Learning. The Trout in the Classroom Organization also presented a workshop there. You must be thinking, "ARE THEY CRAZY, JEOPARDIZING 6 TROUTS LIVES!" But do not fret, for they all survived! We brought them in a small tank so that the water would not make to many waves to shake up the trout. We also brought a bubbler, a few lunch pack coolers to keep the trout at a comfortable 50 degree temperature (when they melted we changed them, and put the melted ones in the freezer), and trout food of course. It was a wonderfully successful venture and hopefully, the Trout in the Classroom Organization that presented and our own trout fry inspired many teachers to join the Trout In The Classroom Program!


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  1. Hi Watershed! I just wanted you all to know how much I enjoyed your presentation at PAEE, and how much I appreciated all the work you do. I do hope you'll give a public ROCK CONCERT sometime-- can you get your song and dance work onto YouTube? Congratulations, and stay in touch.

    Mike Weilbacher, Lower Merion Conservancy